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A tool to track, share and hire creative professionals.

Why Mightysmart?


hether you are a freelance or full-time designer, you've probably realized by now that doing great work usually happens when you are working for great companies. Spending hours of your week on small budget, low margin projects becomes an exercise in volume instead of great design. At Mightysmart, our mission is to connect talented, creative professionals with exceptional companies to be hired for full-time and freelance work.

For recruiters and design managers, posting a job on Dribbble or Behance means tackling the laborious task of sifting through, literally, thousands of applicant submissions. For example, for our last job position at Catalyst UX, we received over 1,500 resumes for one job position.

Kevin and Gunnar, Founders of Mightysmart, realize this pain point and have built a tool designed to easily identify strong candidates, save and share applicants internally with your company’s team members, while also leveraging the contacts of your own employees to find great referral hires.

We are currently testing AI models and applications that will further augment our platforms’ search capabilities so that we can provide enhanced candidate suggestions that will help you find your next dream hire.

Our Team

Kevin Growney (Founder)

Kevin is the VP of User Experience at Catalyst UX. He started Mightysmart after feeling frustrated with the current tools available to hire creative professionals. Past experience includes building over +60 enterprise software applications for financial, medical, and consumer markets. Has driven results for Fortune 1000 companies to execute business objectives with strict project timelines while managing a team of researchers, business analysts, UX designers, and developers. Passionate team builder and mentor with proven experience managing multi-disciplinary and distributed teams.

KEvin's Profile

Gunnar Nelson (Founder)

Gunnar Nelson is an energetic and passionate, Software Engineer in the Computer Science Master’s program at Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering. He is currently a researcher at the Mind Music Machine Lab pursuing a greater understanding and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and designing better interactions between people and technologies. He strives for the practical application of AI and is ecstatic to improve the sourcing and hiring of creative professionals on Mightysmart. In his spare time, he volunteers in STEM classrooms for local Title 1 Schools, teaching elementary school students concepts in Robotics and AI.

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