Adding content to your profile on Mightysmart.

Adding content to your profile on Mightysmart.

After you log into Mightysmart, you will be automatically taken to your Profile page. The profile page has two tabs- Live & Edit. Click the "Edit" tab to add content to your profile.

Expand the Profile Section

Cards that can be added:

  • Profile Card: we suggest adding your favorite picture of yourself
  • About Card: like the title suggests- this is a short summary about you
  • Work Card: you can add tags for your work experience (#logo-design, etc) and a work summary
  • On the Web card: you can add a list of links like Dribbble, Quora, or your Website)
  • You can also add other card types from the Add Card dropdown menu.

Add a section that displays your expertise

You create sections in your profile to visually display your experience, expertise and give an overview of past projects. HINT: if you want to be hired for consulting, we suggest that you name the section after a design category like Logo Design or UX Designer. This will help users find you when searching our site.

Example of creating a new section

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