Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Get up to speed with these tips before you get started.

Getting started using Mightysmart

Some helpful hints on learning how to create a visual resume on Mightysmart.

How do I get a short username like

During our beta, if you fill out your profile and create some cards that show your expertise and passion for your craft, you can then send us an email with the link to your profile, plus the short username you would like to receive. Please don't choose a username like:, because design category usernames are not allowed.

Is Mightysmart free?

YES! Anyone can sign up for Mightysmart and create a visual resume. As a matter of fact, if you sign up during our beta and create a profile that shows your creative talents, we will also conduct our professional review service for free. If you qualify based on our design criteria, you will become a Pro Endorsed designer and will be featured on our website for that category.

What is Mightysmart's Professionally Endorsed service?

In the future, we will be implementing a paid service where design professionals will review profiles based on criteria that has been set for a specific category- like Logo Design, Illustration, User Experience, etc.

While we are in beta, you have the opportunity to get professionally reviewed- for FREE! 

In order to get reviewed, you must create a profile that has a section specific for the category being reviewed. For example, a design professional that focuses on Logo Design, would add cards that show their experience, expertise as well as a passion for their craft.

What type of content can I add to my profile on Mightysmart?

For our beta launch, we added a number of card types to get you started on building a visual resume. These cards can be added on the "Edit" tab on the profile page.

Profile Section

Cards that can be added:

  • Profile Card: we suggest adding your favorite picture of yourself
  • About Card: like the title suggests- this is a short summary about you
  • Work Card: you can add tags for your work experience (#logo-design, etc) and a work summary
  • On the Web card: you can add a list of links like Dribbble, Quora, or your Website)

Other Card Types

These cards can be added to any section: 

  • Image card: Every card has a fixed width of 350 px, but the height is variable based on the image aspect ratio.
  • Project card: we suggest using the same aspect ratio for the images you upload, includes images and a project summary.
  • Quote card: something you've said or a favorite quote from someone you admire.
  • Instagram video card: you can embed an Instagram video into your profile
  • Vimeo video card: embed a Vimeo video into your profile

Coming Soon

We are working on a lot of other card types:

  • Link card: an image card with description and link
  • Achievement card: graduation from college, a new job, etc.
  • Job cards: showing completed project information and pricing
  • Professionally Endorsed cards: professional reviews provided by Mightysmart
  • YouTube Video Card