Be Mightysmart!

There are too many designers in the world and companies don't have the time to find the ones worth hiring. Every Mightysmart Pro designer has been approved by our design team based on their expertise, price and past client reviews.

To apply as a Pro Designer, please read below.

Step 1. Apply as a Pro Designer

Only accepted Pro Designers are able to receive our freelance & full-time job invites. If you have received an invite or want to apply,
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Step 2. Our Team Reviews Your Design Application

Due to the number of applications, we are unable to provide reasons for not being accepted. If you would like a second review, being endorsed on Mightysmart will get our attention.


Step 3. Slack Job Invites

Every accepted Pro Designer gains access to our exclusive job invites. Clients will invite you into their private Slack channel to discuss project details, show work and conduct video calls with the client.

We offer Pro Designers full access and client communication for free.